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2019 αi优质职场“健康力”特别策划 | 健康与环境

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作者:Christiane Eve Kelley 

The time of a drab and lifeless working environment is long gone, and with its departure has come some very creative designs for interior office designs. An added benefit to this makeover is how positively it can affect workers. However, not all positive environmental effects can be seen.


One of the easiest ways to keep workers in a good mood is to make use of an essential oils diffuser. According to Brent Bauer, M.D., although aromatherapy studies are still new and few, studies show it can give relief to anxiety and depression, as well as keep chronic health conditions in check [1].
能让员工保持好心情的一个非常简单的方法是使用精油扩散器。医学博士Brent Bauer表示,虽然芳香疗法的研究才刚刚起步,但已经有一些研究结果显示,芳香疗法可以减轻焦虑和抑郁,同时控制慢性疾病。 

A 2013 study on the effect of aromatherapy on teachers in Taiwan found that essential oils significantly changed the teachers’ Autonomic Nervous System response. The effects also appeared to relieve physical and psychological stress for teachers with higher workloads [2]. So what oils are the best? According to an article reviewed by Debra Rose Wilson, PhD., the best oils for the workplace seems to be bergamot, which was used in the Taiwanese study, geranium, which reduces stress, lavender, for headaches, lemon, for mood boosting, rosemary, for its memory protection and circulation support, and thyme, to reduce fatigue [3].
2013年中国台湾地区开展了一项研究,旨在了解芳香疗法对教师的作用。研究发现,精油极大地改变了教师们的自主神经系统的反应。此外,精油似乎还减轻了那些工作量更大的教师们的身心压力。那么,什么精油最好呢?根据Debra Rose Wilson博士的评述,最适合职场的精油应该是佛手柑(台湾地区的这项调研使用的就是佛手柑)、天竺葵(有助于减轻压力)、薰衣草(有助于缓解头疼)、柠檬(有助于改善情绪)、迷迭香(有助于保护记忆力&辅助血液循环)、百里香(有助于减轻疲劳)。

If the use of aromatherapy is undesirable to a company due to its relatively new status, the old method of plant decoration comes in handy. In 1989, NASA scientists put together a large and comprehensive report on all the effects certain types of plant life can have. Before we focus on plant life, lets focus on what is in the air: Trichloroethylene, Formaldehyde, Benzene, Xylene, and Ammonia. These five chemicals are the main targets of the NASA study.



In the office, Trichloroethylene will be found in printer ink and paint, and can lead to headaches, nausea, and drowsiness. Formaldehyde is found in paper towels, tissues, and paper bags.  It can lead to mouth, nose, and throat irritation. Benzene is found in tobacco and paint, and can cause eye irritation, drowsiness, dizziness, and headaches. Xylene is found in tobacco smoke, and can cause headache, dizziness, and throat irritation. Ammonia is found in window and floor cleaners, and can cause eye irritation, coughing and a sore throat [4]. While small amounts of these chemicals can be harmless, they tend to linger and can be bad in the long run.


To begin with, the “super plants”, that filter all five chemicals from the air are the Peace Lily and the Florist’s Chrysanthemum. Peace Lilies are especially nice as they have heavier pollens, making them less likely to cause allergic reactions (however they are toxic to cats and dogs so keep them out of the home front).  Other plants that can clean four chemicals, but not ammonia, are the English ivy, variegated snake plant, and the red-edged Dracaena.  


There are more types of plants all released in NASA’s study, but these five are the best. Employers can make use of a wide array of different plants to both decorate and clean their office [5],[6]. The plants are easy upkeep and look good in many different office layouts.


Asides from decoration, light has an effect on your workers as well. According to an article by the University of North Carolina Business School, warm lights (redder in hue, ~2,000 Kelvin), work best in a break room while cold lights (~7,000 Kelvin) work best in brainstorming rooms.

除了室内装饰,灯光对员工也有影响。根据北卡罗来纳大学商学院的一篇文章,暖光(色调偏红,约2,000 加尔文)在休息室能发挥最佳效果,而冷光(约7,000 加尔文)在头脑风暴室能发挥最佳效果。

In general, if your office is lacking in sunlight (with a dearth of glass), then the most cost-effective strategy is to use cooler lights throughout your office, as it keeps workers more productive. The best type of light would be the “blue-enriched” lightbulbs, which are ~17,000K. Under these lights, workers were reported to be happier, more alert, and had less eye strain. These lights also reduce fatigue by lowering melatonin [7]. A combination of any of these environmental changes can do wonders for both the health and the productivity of your workers.




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