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2019 αi优质职场“健康力”特别策划 | 探索西方职场健康(下)

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作者:Christiane Eve Kelley 

 United States of America  美国

Pharmaceutical company Merck partnered with “Man-in-a-Van”, which brings the gym to the office, including a personal trainer. Merck encourages its employees to substitute coffee break with a workout session, as a nice workout can keep workers just as alert as some coffee would.

美国制药公司默克公司与 “Man-in-a-Van”合作,将健身房引入职场,还包括一位私教。默克公司鼓励员工将工间休息的时间用来锻炼身体,锻炼后员工更有精神,就像喝咖啡的效果一样。


Netflix and LinkedIn both make use of unlimited paid leave for their workers, while also reassuring workers that making use of their worth is fine.



Zappos, an online retailer website, has a nap rooms and a new program called “Wellness Adventures”, taking small groups of employees to go offsite and do something like a golf session, laser tag, or trampolining. They even have recess sessions every Tuesday. That’s right, they go out and play on a recess field.



Draper, Inc., voted 2014’s healthiest workplace in the US, has a park built into its property, and even has their own monthly newsletter, showing off particularly active members of the company as “wellness superheroes”. The company holds a yearly health fair, walking competitions and even Zumba classes.



The Boeing Company puts on annual company-wide physical activity challenges, as well as providing health screenings, fitness and weight management programs, and rehabilitation programs. They also provide healthy eating options at their facilities.



Booz Allen Hamilton, an IT consultancy, focuses heavily on employee mental health, and has created the “Give an Hour” program in order to give employees the embrace of emotional wellness they need.


 Canada  加拿大

American Express Canada launched a “Healthy Living Program”, built on three pillars: energy (nutritional health), strength (physical health) and vitality (mental health and well-being). These pillars are seen in action from what food is offered in-house, events to promote physical and mental wellbeing, a Healthy living Expo, of which 90% of workers visited in 2018. This program also includes a stretching program for the workers to participate in during work and showed increased energy levels and less stress.



SSQ, a life insurance company, has a program known as the “Healthwise Health Passport”. It offers employees personalized nutrition plans, health goals (that result in prizes if they are met), and exercise plans. It also gives changing rooms and showers, so that employees can workout during break and get back to work still fresh.



New Brunswick Power fully adopted the “Total Health” framework, focusing on your Physical, Mental, Work, and Life sectors, to come together as your “total health”. The program is fully supported by the executives of NB Power and plan to incorporate an external communication. NB Power is currently working on a sustainment strategy to continue raising mental health awareness.


 Putting this Information to Use   调研总结&健康管理实施建议

Most of the companies shown are extremely wealthy companies, either with enough money to blow on anything and everything like with the Silicon Valley companies like Google and Apple, or the companies that put money in the most important areas, like Zappos. What is important when incorporating western programs into your company is to find cost-effective solutions.



Most companies do not have the money or space to fit a track field into their property but can afford an in-house food option. The issue arises with the cost of healthy habits. Healthy foods are often more expensive than alternative foods that are worse for you, but cheaper.



Employee events are easy to set up and cost next to nothing for the employer, step tracking challenges or other small challenges can keep your workers healthy physically and psychologically.



If your business is near a gym, consider offering a membership there, and if your office is near a park, consider installing a shower and changing room, it will incentivize workers to stay physical, since they can wash up and be fresh after some time in the park.



One thing not mentioned by a lot of companies is lighting. If natural lighting is too expensive, consider the implementation of special hued light bulbs, which produce different effects at different hues. Offering ergonomic chairs would cost the company a little but be effective in the long run.



Offering employees, a flexible work time and location could cut costs in office space, while keeping workers happy and loyal to the company.



These are just some ideas that a company can incorporate at a smaller scale compared to these companies. However, some of these programs, like the one carried out by Pizza Express, can be carried out exactly as they were implemented. There is a lot of places where any company can improve for the sake of their employees. Any expenditure towards them is money back for the employer, as seen time and time again in the West.

以上这些是规模没那么大的企业在策划员工健康项目时可以用到的一些点子。不过,有些项目,比如Pizza Express开展的项目,可以完全按照他们的模式来实施。为了员工的健康,企业在很多方面都可以进行改善。雇主在员工健康方面所花的任何费用,员工都是会为雇主赚回来的,就像西方企业一次次实践所证明的那样。

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