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2019 αi优质职场“健康力”特别策划 | 职场社交

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作者:Christiane Eve Kelley 

As strange as it might sound, an employee’s social life can be a determinate of their health. In fact, we’ve known this for a long time, according to a 1988 research study, social isolation can have negative effects comparable to obesity and smoking [1]. However, not only does social interaction keep employees healthy, it also keeps them working happy, as social butterflies in the office tend to have higher job satisfaction [2].



So, what are some ways to keep employees socially full? A 2017 study found that by spending just 1% of the payroll on employee recognition, a company was 79% more likely to see better financial results. Despite this, only around 14% of organizations provide managers with the means to do so [3].



Another way to increase social interaction among workers is to promote team-based work. To me, McDonald’s in China seems to be the best example of this. I noticed that each section of the store was color coded by the employee’s shirt; if an employee is wearing blue, they are behind the counter, if they’re in red they are working as delivery, if they wore purple, they were working the main area by cleaning or helping guests.


This approach won’t work in an office environment, however. One way I thought of showing this was with employee key cards/identification cards. During office tours, it seemed every employee had their employee ID either hung on their neck or on their person in some fashion. A business could implement colored card holders to promote teamwork and inspire cross-departmental relationships.



Although WeChat is an extremely useful app, it also has drawn a heavy divide between worker and superior. Many foreign interns have complaints on how strange it is that their boss sends work through WeChat, despite being only three desks away. In most American offices, a floor manager almost primarily speaks to their workers in person, utilizing email for group information or to receive projects. Encourage workers and managers to speak face to face if both possible and convenient, as it gives the employees more interaction.



If your business has a “healthy corner”, promote friendly competition with foosball tables or set a record on the cycling machine. Engaging with others can be used by companies in other ways than just keeping workers healthy.



Every worker has a “Social Identity” within their company. This is how much a worker internalizes their membership in a company into their self-concept [4]. Essentially, a worker’s social identity refers to how much a worker feels like they fit in at a company. In two separate studies on SI at work, one study found that a strong social identity came with better physical and psychological health [4]. 【The other study】found that with strong social identity came higher job satisfaction, performance, extra role inclusion, and ratings of others [5]. It is important to work to your strengths, and by giving workers multiple choices for groupings, they are able to find their best fit with their own created social identity [6].



A 2010 study conducted by researchers at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania found that, in receiving gratitude from the director of annual giving for the school’s fundraising foundation, university employees were 50% more likely to donate [7].A company can make use of a higher-up’s gratitude towards their employees by using it at opportune moments. If a big project fails or there are cuts in the company, recognition from the boss can make a serious change in employee behavior and outlook. A company should be careful of how much they use this strategy, as too much use will dampen the effects. A company should pay attention to their employee’s social interactions if they want to maximize worker health, loyalty, and productivity.



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